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Alaric Saltzman (Legacies)

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Aelin Galathynius (Throne of Glass)

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i can't remember / i can't forget
𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐡
True not all Moms are good Moms.

Adora Crellin (Sharp Objects)

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Pretty much. - Imgur

Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)

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Moody Animals: Beaver - Art print

Cassidy Cassablancas (Veronica Mars)

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Emotional Abuse Test
20 Divorce Cakes That Celebrate The End Of A Bad Marriage | YourTango
A heart doesn't have to stop beating to be dead.

Dan Scott (One Tree Hill)

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Dean Forester (Gilmore Girls)

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Delena (The Vampire Diaries)

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[click on this image to find an analysis of the Madonna-whore complex, which draws from Lupe Fiasco's recent music video "Bitch Bad"]

Duncan Kane (Veroncia Mars)

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Grant Ward (Marvels Agents of Shield)

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Joss Whedon

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So much so that even contouring is only shown in ways that give the illusion of eurocentric features :/ #intersectionalfeminist #intersectionalfeminism #misogynoir #racism #whitesupremacy #feministaccount by rapunzelfeminist

Julie Plec

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Major Lilywhite (iZombie)

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Pierce Hawthorne (NBC’s Community)

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Personal Message | The paintings of Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber
I wonder if paying them for the hair braiding would effectively re-masculate them...
Honey Can Do Stainless Steel 12L Oval Step Can

THE MAN-MALE. (Maas’ Fae)

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The Joker (DC)

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play nice

Reynard the Fox (The Magicians)

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Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre)

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tumblr_mlsssyz1xe1qa78bho1_500 | Explore Novapanic photos on… | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Robert Parrish (The Raven Cycle)

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Wesley Wyndham Pryce + Fresley (Angel the series)

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Xander Harris (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

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A Man of Prose
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lol | Tumblr
two tweets on twitter with the caption buggirl official do you ever wonder how many houses you've passed in your life that have people locked in the basement
Picture memes fQV82pI27: 4 comments — iFunny
the book you no longer make me laugh, which is written in black and white
a quote from catherynne valentine on deathless books
He filled her up, her whole world, a moon obliterating the light of any other star.
the words do you like me or i gota? and some emoticions
there is a sign that says secure ward on the glass wall in front of it
a person's hand with writing on it that says perhaps i need you too dirty
there is a sign that says secure ward on the glass wall in front of it
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i want to believe
an old photo with some people wearing blindfolds and one is holding a cell phone
two tweets are on the same page, one is saying it's okay to
a bottle of alcohol sitting on top of a wooden table
Etched Apothecary Bottles — [vinegar & brown paper]
a woman holding up a sign that says how dare you blame me for something i'm
the text on this tweet reads, demon looking around inside me dude no office but it's like kind of nightmares in here
31 Hilarious Memes That Are Literally Just Here To Make You LOL
a handwritten poem with the words you are my sweetest downfall i loved you first, i loved you first
All the Living
an image of a woman sitting on top of a cake with the caption'be soft, be shy, read a book and learn to cook '
two pictures of the same man with different expressions on their faces, one saying that he is
23 Times "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Was Heartwarming, Hilarious, And Relatable AF
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21 Times "Stranger Things 2" Was Actually Really Damn Funny
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Iconic pondering for personal & relational growth
a bottle of negliect on a white background
Iconic pondering for personal & relational growth
a framed poem with the words bored written on it
a hand holding a yellow cup with writing on it that says, you hurt me and i said sorry
"You hurt me and I said sorry"
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Without Your Walls
the tweet is being used to describe what he's doing on his twitter account
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Bad Memories
i miss you, like every day
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two screenshots with text on them that say soappup and not evil anymore i want to be loved now
Truths, Thought Provoking, How Are You Feeling
the text is written in yellow and black on a white background with an image of a woman's face
a man in uniform is talking to someone on the tv show, my heart just threw up
Fashion, wallpapers, quotes, celebrities and so much more
an image of a man kissing a woman with a speech bubble above it that says, i don't always listen but when i do i don't care
This isn’t Happiness: The heartbreak, depression and empty sex of Modern Love
two people standing next to each other in front of a wall with words on it
Pretty much.
Pretty much. - Imgur
six conversation hearts with words on them
Narcissism. (The dum dum girls-Coming down) Narcissist, Own Quotes, Meaningful Words, Of My Life
Narcissism. (The dum dum girls-Coming down)
For when you get in shape and are super proud but everyone keeps asking if it’s your hair that’s different: | 20 Perfect Pins For People Who Simply Cannot Pop, Patchwork, Soft Grunge, Pin Badges, Pin And Patches, Stickers, Cool Pins, Cute Pins
For when you get in shape and are super proud but everyone keeps asking if it's your hair that's different:
For when you get in shape and are super proud but everyone keeps asking if it’s your hair that’s different: | 20 Perfect Pins For People Who Simply Cannot
pin: @fabxiety (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Text, Mood
pin: @fabxiety (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
an old typewriter with the words this isn't normal in black and white