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Even though it is cute, I'm sure Mabel's dreams would be to have that and a flock full of cute summer boys. LOL:

Finally some one pieced this together! And it is Catbugs! XD That is a Dream come true! << did someone say CATBUG!


kinda weird how he gave the hat back (or that dipper even gave it to him in the first place?) but this comic is cool af

Mabel vs Dipper

I can't help but think, how pissed will Dipper be at Mabel for not trusting him, and how will he react to everything that had happened? Guess we will find out in Can't wait till' June.

Los Diarios pueden apartarte de las personas en las que deberías confiar.

Everything these journals did, was breaking families apart.

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Why does Dipper falls before Mabel , Mabel is nicer than Dipper SO MUCH

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This new Gravity Falls posters has us seeing stars.

Ruben Romero en Taringa!

The thunderstorm killed me

Otakus!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Anime time this is so me. I get of school and I just watch anime