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Old man doing aerial hoop
Karl of @fitness_journey_of_not2old showing us the age is just a number. We love seeing everyone fly and this literally got our jaws dropping. I mean look at how effortless Karl just got onto the hoop and went upside down too. Bravo!
Aerial Silks Set with Watercolor Batik Fabric
Short but Sweet Flow in our Aerial Hammock
Showing us her short but sweet flow is @haleigh.beaird. PS: Turn the sound on to hear why our aerial community is the best community to be in.
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Caida 1
Smokey Winged Eyeliner Tutorial
➡️Her IG:@kseniasevrikeeva
We love our hardworking students!❤️ #lyra #aerialhoop #lyralove #bittersweetstudios #teambittersweet
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Lyra Class Combo
Off the Ground with our Aerial Hoop
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Lyra Class Combo
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how to do a valdez! ✨
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