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music notes and dandelions are arranged on a sheet
I chose this picture for Symphony. A person can flow through life like a beautiful song when a person has the ability to synthesize information, put things together and see the big picture in things, and to make connections between disparate information in order to innovate.
an old music poster with musical instruments on it's back side and the words music written
Resultado de imagen para lisa milroy artist research page
an abstract painting of a rainbow colored guitar
an abstract painting with musical instruments and music notes
an abstract painting of a violin and piano
an artistic painting of a violin lying on the ground
The Violin by John D Benson
The Violin
an old book with people playing and dancing on the pages, including children's drawings
Maravillosa imagen donde nuestros actos y experiencias componen la partitura de nuestras vidas.
an artistic watercolor painting of a piano with colorful paint splatters on it
Jazz Watercolor Photos and Images
watercolor piano music - stock photo
a man sitting on top of a piano next to an orange and black background with the sun behind him
Thomas Danthony Studio
Thomas Danthony Ilustración Más