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A compilation of tips to make gardening easier and ideas to make flower gardening more fun.
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pink flowers in a vase with text overlay how to have peony blooms all summer long
Storing Peonies To Bloom Later
Secret to making your peony buds last all summer long!
how to paint garden statues in the shape of ducks, geese, and ducklings
Repaint Old Garden And Lawn Statues
Paint concrete, cement, or plaster garden statues such as ducks and geese.
a potted plant sitting on top of a table next to some markers and pens
Fondue Forks as Plant Labels
True- labeling your plants may not always be necessary. But for seedlings or just a touch of whimsy, plant markers are a fun and easy way to add character and charm to your garden or planters. And these plant labels are especially simple to make, using upcycled fondue forks from the thrift store.
the junk garden tour close - ups
Junk Garden Tour Close Ups
Join Part 2 of my 2023 virtual tour featuring close ups from the junk garden vignettes and beautiful flowers! #junkgarden #gardenjunk #rusticgarden #gardentour
an organized garden tool organizer with gardening tools hanging on the wall and text overlay that says, upcycled garden tool organizer
Garden Tool Organizer for the Garage
If your garage is a little disheveled and you occasionally lose things (like tools) inside it, then this super simple upcycle project is for you! A garden tool organizer that couldn't be easier to make, but is quite effective at its job. (And I need to tell you about this new weeding tool I discovered- it's a game changer!)
painted cinder block planters with flowers in them and the words painted cinder block plants
Easy DIY Cinder Block Garden Planters
Get creative by painting cheap cinder blocks in whatever color you like. Add polka dots, stripes, zig zags-anything you like! Make several to line a garden or add a couple to flank a doorway. There are so many cool things you can make. Add your favorite flowers or plants and enjoy. Great for a small balcony or patio too. I paid $1.25 at the local hardware store. #ourcraftymom #cheapgardenplanters #repurposedcinderblocks
red flowers are growing in wooden containers next to a tree and bicycle wheel with the word, organized clutter written on it
ORGANIZED CLUTTER'S Junk Garden Tour 2016
ORGANIZED CLUTTER'S Junk Garden Tour 2016
an old stool with flowers growing out of it in the grass next to a garden
How To Add Vertical Interest to the Flower Garden
This Printable Garden Planner will keep all your gardening information in one place so you can have the most productive year ever in your vegetable garden and flower beds. Square Foot Gardening, Free Garden Planner, Garden Planner, Gardening Journal Printables, Vegetable Garden Planner, Garden Calendar, Garden Journal
18 Page Printable Garden Planner
This Printable Garden Planner will keep all your gardening information in one place so you can have the most productive year ever in your vegetable garden and flower beds.
an old metal basket filled with orange and red flowers next to a blue wheel on the ground
MORE Beautiful Flowers in Junky Containers
Beautiful Flowers Displayed in JUNK
a garden filled with lots of flowers next to a house
My 2022 Annual Junk Garden Tour
Photo of my junk garden front yard border.
garden junk ideas including an old typewriter, flowers and plants
22 Garden Junk Ideas
See garden decor ideas galore with fun and unusual junk.
red flowers are growing in buckets next to a tree and sign that says love
16 Repurpose Projects with Home, Garden, Farm & Industrial Tools & Parts
pink flowers are in a glass vase next to a wooden box on a table with a blue wall behind it
How To Force Flowering Branches Indoors
Forcing flowering branches to bloom is one of the easiest ways to bring spring inside! Includes easy instructions on how and when to cut your branches and tips on arranging them.
purple tulips in a vase with the title how to make tulips last longer
How To Care For Cut Tulips | No More Drooping
Tips on how to make your grocery store tulips last longer and stay perky. Nobody likes a droopy tulip for spring decorating!