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Galvanized junk container gardens.
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a metal planter with pink flowers in it and the words hobby hobby metal planter upcycle idea
Hobby Lobby Metal Planter Upcycle Idea
A plain galvanized planter (at 40% off) becomes a whimsical decor piece with legs and stencils.
a wooden bench in the garden with flowers and plants growing on it, text reads a wooden bench in the border
A Rustic Wooden Bench In For The Border
This year's junk garden border features an 8' long rustic wooden bench! See how I added the bench to my existing perennial/annual border in spring and how the garden has progressed in August! #junkgarden #gardenjunk #rusticgarden #flowerborder
an old planter is turned into a garden fountain for spring and it's time to start now
Gather your rustic planters for your spring garden!
Now is the time to start gathering rustic planters and fun alternatives to your normal garden planters. Vintage items, farm implements, and odd decor items add interest to your garden. Creative planters are fun! Prep your garden to be a vintage beauty showcasing rustic, vintage, and unique collectibles. Make your own junk garden.
garden junk ideas including an old typewriter, flowers and plants
22 Garden Junk Ideas
See garden decor ideas galore with fun and unusual junk.
a person holding two wooden boards over a metal barrel on top of a wood floor
DIY Galvanized Metal Tub Shelves for the Garden - Shop at Blu
a potted plant with flowers and a faucet sitting on the side of a building
Galvanized Bucket Planter with an Old Faucet
bucket planter
several pictures of various plants and flowers in the garden with text that reads junk garden planting ideas
Junk Garden Planting Ideas
a potted plant with colorful flowers sitting on the steps
Galvanized Bucket Planter with an Old Faucet
An old bucket and a decorative hose bibb or water hose spigot are the perfect pieces to pair up together to create a galvanized bucket planter this Spring. And as you can tell, the flowers just LOVE IT and are gorgeous as porch decor. #DIYplanter #bucketplanter #architecturalsalvage #salvagedhardware #bucketplanter #porchdecor #Springporch #porchplanter
A Favorite Galvanized toolbox Planter
Supplies: • Galvanized toolbox. (add drainage holes) • Flower stencil from Old Sign Stencils. • Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black. • Spray sealer. • Potting soil. • Annuals.
an old metal bucket with flowers in it and a wooden stick sticking out of the top
Repurposed Mop Bucket Into A Gorgeous Planter
Keep an eye out at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales-maybe, your own garage, for an old wash bucket. They make the coolest planters. Just add a few holes for drainage and your favorite plants. #ourcraftymom #repurposedmopbucket #diyplanter #upcycledgardenplanter
a metal planter with pink flowers in it
A French Upcycle For A Hobby Lobby Metal Planter
a potted plant sitting on top of an old wooden cart filled with pink and red flowers
Prince Tut Annual Grass/Nicotiana Combo Laundry Tub Planter
several potted plants hanging on a wooden fence with the words violets and galvaniized pots above them
Galvanized Bucket Wreath with Violets
Galvanized Bucket Wreath with Violets #violets #flowergardening #containergarden #galvanizedwreath #galvanizedpots #farmhousestyle #rusticgarden