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two children playing with legos and the words find the differences in this fun game
Find the Difference - Subtraction Game - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
the subtraction bowling game is ready to be played on the table with paper rolls
Subtraction Worksheets - Planning Playtime
there are three blocks and four dominos on the table next to eachother
Happy Summer & Some PINTERESTING Stuff!
Place value die... a cube for tens and ones. Can easily be extended for larger numbers... hundreds, one thousands, ten thousands etc
three different colored paper cut outs with the faces of two people
How to Draw a Minecraft Selfie: Easy Minecraft Self Portrait Art
Minecraft Selfies - Art Projects for Kids. Add a little math and pop culture to your kid's art. #minecraft
a bag full of trash sitting on top of a carpeted floor next to a sign that reads trashket ball my favorite review game
15+ Math Games to Keep Students Engaged
15+ Math Games to Keep Students Engaged | Mrs. E Teaches Math
an abstract painting with many different colors
Math Art: Step Two
Homage to Jasper Johns in wax crayon resist and watercolour
May. I have a large container of coffee
May. I have a large container of coffee
a dog with a donut on its head and the caption reads,'turn to your partner and tell a subtraction story '
FREE Kindergarten 1st 2nd Grade Math Opener
Visit where MATH IS FOR EXPLORING! Subscribe and I will share these stunning PHOTOS To INSPIRE MATH REASONING! Editable Goolge Slides for K-6. Math Coach created resources! #freelessonplantemplates #mathclassroom #googleclassroomelementary #googleclassroommiddle #firstgrade #secondgrade #thirdgrade #fourthgrade #fifthgrade #sixthgrade #kindergarten #bestpracticemath #themathviking
a person is holding a bottle next to a board with photos on it
What to Make This Weekend: Personalized Guess Who, Corner Organizer + More
What to Make This Weekend: Personalized Guess Who, Corner Organizer More | Brit Co
a poster with some writing on it that says, math truth or dare paper and digital
Cognitive Cardio Math
Do you need a fun, challenging way to review math concepts? Math Truth or Dare games allow for self-differentiation and can lead to great discussions! So many ways to use both paper/pencil and Google Classroom versions!
three white cups sitting on top of a wooden table
Addition Machine: DIY
The Primary Pack: Addition Machine: DIY
an info sheet describing how to use the internet for learning and other things that are important
Master 6th Grade Math & More!
An educational website that kids LOVE! IXL is the world's most popular subscription-based learning site for K-12. Used by over 5 million students, IXL provides unlimited practice in more than 7,000 topics, covering math, language arts, science, and social studies.
a book cover with the title'10 classroom routinees that get kids talking and writing about
Truth For Teachers - 10 classroom routines that get kids talking (and writing) about math strategies
Most kids find it challenging to explain how they solve math problems and to put what they know about math into words. These ten simple classroom routines can help make math talk a regular part of your day #mathroutines #mathpractice
several different pictures with the words seriously awesome steam art written on them and in front of them
58 Fun STEAM Art Projects for Kids of All Ages!
7 STEAM Art Activities your kids will love - All the fun of science, technology, engineering, and math integrated with awesome ART! - at B-Inspired Mama