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a pink poster with the words heel tab for a sock on it
Crossing stitches: one way to avoid a hole on a vertical opening in knitwear
TECHknitting: Crossing stitches: one way to avoid a hole on a vertical opening in knitwear
two pictures showing the side and back of a knitted dishcloth hanging on a hook
How to Remove Purl Dash Lines in Knitting with Studio Knit
Great tip from Studio Knit! You're going to love my simple trick on how to remove purl dash lines when changing colors in knit stitch patterns that have a combination of both knits and purls in the same row. My trick will help you create invisible color change in knitting will help you when knitting stripes every time. #StudioKnit #knitting #howtoknit
an art installation in the grass with two large poles sticking out of it
Just sharing ( knitting ) SL
three people dressed in brightly colored costumes posing for the camera outside a store front with their arms around each other
Crafting funnies-October 3rd
a crocheted table runner is shown with the words abernades on it
Alexander Mosaic Crochet Snake Pattern by Sixel Design
This snake pattern was named after our family pet, a ball python named Alexander. Pattern includes 2 charts, head first and tail first, with instructions for customizing the snake sizes. You can also use the charts to create anything from pillows to blankets, placemats, rugs, clothes and more! #mosaiccrochet #crochetpattern #snakepattern #snakecrochet #ballpython #sixeldesign
an orange and brown crocheted blanket sitting on top of a blue chair next to a window
an octopus crochet pattern is shown in two different colors
crochet inspiration ideas grid crochet free patterns
someone is holding some kind of fabric in their hand
Oh, Just the World's Tiniest (Hand-Knitted) Sweaters
three knitted baby booties are shown with the numbers for each pair in front of them
four different patterns for the top and bottom of a shirt, including an open front cardigan
April 2020 – Designs by Heidi
abril | 2020 | Diseños de Heidi
crocheted baby shoes and booties are shown with instructions for knitting them together
Easiest Baby Booties Ever Knitting Pattern -
an older woman sitting at a table covered in baskets
10 Charities Looking for Yarn Crafters
crocheted teapot cover and cup with pink flowers
Trumpet Flower - Free Pattern (Beautiful Skills - Crochet Knitting Quilting)
Trumpet Flower - Free Pattern
a yellow crochet with the words how to knitting from the bottom on it
How to Undo Knitting from the Cast on Edge in Five Simple Steps - 10 rows a day
several different types of fish made out of knitted material and text that reads, gansey herringing fish
Gansey Herring Fish Free Knitting Pattern - Knitting Pattern
the knitting kit is laying on top of the table with yarn and needles next to it
How to Stop Stockinette from Curling
crocheted flowers are being displayed on the page
Knitted Sun-proof Ice Silk Shawl
Simple, fashionable, elegant shawls enhance those single clothes and leave a lasting memory
a crocheted butterfly sitting on top of a white table covered in pink, blue, yellow and green yarn
Knitted Butterfly - Patterns - Fun Knitting
Knitted Butterfly - Patterns - Fun Knitting
four crocheted butterflies sitting on top of a white tablecloth covered table cloth
Butterfly Knitting Pattern - Fun Knitting
Butterfly knitting pattern to guide you on how to make your own knitted butterfly - perfect handmade gift for baby or those on their travels!