I'm ready to paaaarrrtaaaaaay. bridesmaids

whatakinda name is Stove? Are you an appliance? This is the These should be open, cause it's civil rights. Too many funny lines to quote.

Hahah, a haiku This is how I feel about my 16 character work password

buenos aires: Buenos Aires. Frinchagirl. (Argentina)

Buenos Aires: Estampa para Siete Colores Ilustration fabric for the brand Siete Colores


Cottage Porch with A & L Furniture Yellow Pine Traditional English Swing Bed, Porch swing, Sunroom, Screened porch; drapes add privacy as well as romantic style.

A corner snapshot of Buenos Aires, Argentina

A corner snap shot of Buenos Aires, Paris of South America (Argentina)

What do you think? About the movie I mean xD

"Keep Calm. The Mayans were simply counting down to the hobbit movie" - Of course if they could see the future, they could definitely see this coming.

get over it

Dear Math, I am sick and tired of finding your "x". Just accept the fact that she is gone. Move on, Dude. (Even though I think this is funny, I love Math! And I love finding the "x".

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