I want to go back

mate ~ not technically Mexican, but it IS a Latin American drink that is a…

dulce de leche

This gooey milk caramel is a South American favorite! It's low-fat but caloric, so use it sparingly. I top low-fat cupcakes or serve it for dessert with apple and pineapple wedges.

Cordova street in Rosario, Argentina. One of my favorite spots

Peatonal de Rosario, downtown Rosario, province of Santa Fe, Argentina. drive) NW of Buenos Aires.



Rosario, Argentina

Rosario, Argentina - I can not wait to take my family to meet my AR host family some day.

Rosario, Argentina

Enjoy your 2018 Summer vacations in Rosario! Find hotels and accommodations, restaurants, excursions and tours to take, pictures and all about tourism in the city of Rosario

graciela carnevale / rosario, argentina (ciclo de arte experimental)

Graciela Carnevale – Argentinean artist Carnevale's infamous 1968 work converted an empty gallery into a site of political action and commentar