Llega un momento de la vida que decides no encariñarte con nada ni con nadie. Y eres feliz.

By Danny O' Connor. I love the confidence, she looks like she's ready to take on. whatever task she needs to take on! I also really like the bold lines used above her head, and with different colors too! Very street-art.

sin autor #Posfotografia #Postphotography

Self portrait ideas Mapping 2013 on Behance Use a process like this for "identity/self-concept" activity about skin color/shade/tone/palette. Put vertical photo strip of every child together on a couple images to make a collective face.


we used to play hide and seek with all the kids in the neighbor hood. Of course the younger kids were usually found first. Hide -n- Seek, ready or not, here I come!

Silencio, calma, ausencia de tiempo... Adentrarse en las profundidades del mar…

Freediving in Ras Mohammed National Park, near Sharm el-Sheikh. Photograph by Jacques de Vos. black and white photograph

Watercolor World Map Painting Abstract Globe by ColorWatercolor

Watercolor World Map Painting Gift Idea. Abstract Globe Art Print Blue Green Yellow and White Planet Earth Illustration.

Igualdad de genero!

Which of these two double-headed illusions do you think is best? Vote your choice by commenting below. In each image, which face did you see first? Face forward or face to the side?

World map mural

So Bad So Good on


Shadow Photography black and white - wonderful style by Victoria Ivanova still life Soul of the mustang - Horse / Chess

«el secreto de una buena vejez no es otra cosa que un pacto honrado con la soledad» García Márquez

I love this. I love how you can see the age in his hands and tell his lived a long full life. Also I love how after so many years he still wears the ring he got on a day that probably meant the world to him that he got

vmburkhardt: (vía 500px / Foto "Espero que mi sueño se hace realidad .." por Eddy Ngadiwidjaya)

where else would you sleep? that must have been a really long ride ! whimsical, sweet and very cute sleeping child real wonderful life photo

Tres en raya, Rayuela

Childhood Photo Session Inspiration Idea Child Kid Daughter Son Girl Boy Family parents Outside Outdoors Field Country Paddock Park Reserve At Home Lifestyle Studio Hopscotch Jump Game Play Memory Capture Kirra Photography