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a black and white photo with the words she's goma forever say i got this even with tears in her eyes
Barbie, Humour, Just Girly Things, Rio De Janeiro, Instagram, Girl, Real
a text message that reads i'm a needy girlfriend but i'm not like buy me this or that it's more like cuddle me, kiss me, spend time with me, give all your attention to me
an image with the words chat i think i'm obsesed with him and it's not funny
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, i want you to know but i don't want to tell you
an open book with the words i don't want to give up on you but i know i have to
a quote that reads, i had to forget a person who was even sorry - that's strength
a wall with writing on it that says i don't think you know just how badly i wanted us to make it
an open book with a piece of paper sticking out of it's center and the words meant to be
the words i'm a teen are written in black and white
im crazy over him