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the words are written in white on a black background
a black and white photo with the words en sero, la logra's
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the words are written in black on a white background
an image of a man holding a cell phone with the text no se puede ser valente sin prinero senty medio
Consejos psicológicos
a black and white photo with the words sin te rindes hoy de que sine el essferlo de ayer
a handwritten poem written in black ink on white paper with the words,'lo vas la logar pero por
a purple background with stars and the words vas a salr de esta, est
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two men sitting on a couch eating food
the words in spanish are written on a pink background with black and white lettering that reads,
Deja de dudar de ti, esfuérzate y haz que suceda.
a man sitting on the ground in front of stairs with his hand on his chin
a person sitting at a table with a napkin in their hand
My little Sheldon