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Simplemente Ángeles (ilustraciones y proyectos con...)

Angelic Embossed White Angels Decorating Outdoor Yard Sticks-Forever an Angel, Forever a Dream . Angels fill our hearts with love. Bring this love to your holiday decor with these whimsical angelic ivory metal angels.

Украшение Новый год Рождество Бисероплетение Ангелочки из бисера +СХЕМА Бисер Бусинки Ленты Проволока фото 1

Decoration of the New Year Christmas Angels Beaded Bead + SCHEME Seed Beads belts Wire Photo 1

Deco Mesh Angel

Deco Mesh Angel Each Hand Made. each head is Each Angel comes with an attached loop on back can be used to hang your angel on a door or used as tree toppers or anywhere you see fit.