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an art installation with multicolored lines on the wall and floor in front of it
Ian Davenport's Poured Lines And Puddle Paintings - IGNANT
many different colored foams are arranged in the shape of an abstract pattern on display
Acoustafoam - Acoustafoam
a man is walking in front of a colorful structure
a wall made out of legos with a cactus in the foreground and pictures on the wall behind it
The cosy home in no 4
there is a shower in the bathroom with rainbow tiles on the walls and flooring
Rainbow Tile Bathroom Reveal
a stone walkway made out of different colored glass tiles
the door handle is made out of wood and has a sunburst design on it
What We're Loving: September Edition
there is a wall with many pictures on it in the bathroom that has been decorated
A neighbour of mine has one wall in their house papered like this. Every time a new guest comes in, they are asked to colour-in a character and initial it (more pics in comments).
the walkway is painted with colorful designs on it
'Abstraction makes people pause and think a little' – Interview with Jessie and Katey