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an aerial view of a park with trees, benches and people walking on the grass
Galería de FP Arquitectura, primer lugar en concurso Ambientes de Aprendizaje del siglo XXI: Jardín Infantil Tibabuyes - 7
an aerial view of a park with trees and grass
Gallery of Le Meridien Garden / Shma Company Limited - 1
the walkway is lined with trees and flowers on both sides of the path are stone sculptures
Japanese American Historical Plaza
an abstract design with circles and lines
a garden plan with lots of grass and trees
Яндекс Картинки: поиск изображений в интернете, поиск по изображению
an aerial view of a swimming pool in front of a building
Gallery of Baltimore Bend Playground / Arttenders + Studio Spass - 1
an aerial view of a building with people sitting on benches in the courtyard and trees around it
Gallery of Concéntrico Pavilion / sauermartins + Mauricio Méndez - 5
an empty playground in the middle of a park
Gallery of The Cuddly Playground / BudCud + Iza Rutkowska - 1
a wooden bridge over a small pond in the middle of a forest with fallen leaves on the ground
Gallery of Windesheim Bridges / NEXT architects - 8
an aerial view of a soccer field in the city
Gallery of Shenzhen SkyPark / Crossboundaries - 1
an aerial view of a courtyard with several trees and benches on the side of it
Therry Courtyard, St Ignatius Riverview by Arcadia Landscape Architecture