DIY Tassel Bag Charm

I never met a tassel I didn't love. So when I stumbled upon a ridiculously affordable lot of colorful, cotton tassels, I immediately snatched some up without even knowing what I'd do with them. But of course, it never takes long to find a reason to incorp

Señorita Lylo's Embroidered Collar to Add to Your Dream Wardrobe

I don't need to tell you that it's been a rough couple of days. so here's something that makes me happy: this embroidered collar by Señorita Lylo.


Маки, роскошные маки, связанные крючком - Рукоделие | ВЯЗАНИЕ | Постила

«Узоры в копилку/основы вязания...»

Вязаный шиповник | "Узоры в копилку." | Постила

Cuello DIY

Cuello DIY Add pearls n chain from one point to the other

How I Wash and Cut Burlap! Get rid of the smell, soften the burlap, and even out the edges so it doesn't fray!

Cactus embroidery hoop art, colourful contemporary hand stitched design, potted succulent plants

Latest listing for cute cactus embroidery hoop art, the other designs will be listed very soon - Our Secret Crafts