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a hand is holding a small green box with a house on it and flowers in the background
Amazing key holder making at home |do it yourself |clay art |art and craft|craft ideas|crafty hands
there is a rock art with a man fishing on the water and rocks around it
Miniature Watercolor Dome Diorama
three cards with different pictures of animals and letters on them, one is for the letter e
Rules for the Classroom
Rules for the Classroom | From the Pond
Cute Storybook Character Drawing
Learn how to draw this cute storybook style character on your iPad in the app Procreate
a child's play area with crayons and toys
Spring Chick Craft
Make a spring chick in April for Easter or a fun bulletin board display. Our pack includes writing projects and several print options to help you get prepped in minutes! Read more on the blog!
Cute and Whimsical Drawing
Don't settle for living with stress and anxiety, paint your life with the colors you want.