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If the Llama is your spirit animal it means that your truest essence is really laid back and easy going. But even so, you are still just stubborn enough to make it through anything that life throws at you. You are a naturally generous person as well.

Pampa · Miss Moss

i have been receiving Pampa's newsletter for the better part of a year, but am yet to blog about them – time to remedy that! Pampa was co-founded by photographers Victoria Aguirre from Argentina and…

Parque Nacional de Iguazú

Beautiful Iguazu Falls in Argentina

I'm currently in Argentina with my family for the kids spring break and absolutely loving it! It doesn't hurt that we have seen two of the world's great marvels: Iguazu Falls on the northern border and the Perito Moreno glacier down in Patagonia. Iguazu is roughly a one hour flight from Buenos Aires. We went here first in order to add this to our flight itinerary without additional cost or miles. Only a day or two is necessary to see everything. [caption id=attachment_4362 align=aligncenter…

Peninsula Valdes - Chubut - #Argentina

El equinodermo más antiguo desvela sus trucos para comer - Fund.NUESTROMAR

Fósiles del Protocinctus mansillaensis, un pequeño animal de poco más de dos centímetros y una antigüedad de más de 500 millones de años, han sido analizados por un equipo de paleontólogos con el objetivo de investigar su modo de vida y alimentación. Fósiles del Protocinctus mansillaensis, un pequeño animal de…

Chubut, Argentina

ARGENTINA: Chubut: llegan las orcas! un espectáculo fascinante.

No hay otro lugar en el mundo donde la natural...

GEOFFROY'S CAT (Leopardus geoffroyi) is found in Argentina, paraguay and Boliva. Averaging 24" long and 4.4 to ll lb

Rio Meow: 9 Amazing Wild Cats Of South America - Page 2 of 3 - WebEcoist

From the majestic jungle Jaguar down to the cute-as-a-button Kodkod, some of the world's most beautiful, rare and threatened wild cats call South America home.

Salta - Argentina

5 Stars of Argentina

Wir sind ein Hotel in Buenos Aires, welches auf Tango spezialisiert ist. Unsere Gäste sollen hauptsächlich Tangotänzer aus aller Welt sein.

Penguin in Chubut, Argentina


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