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an old black and white photo of a small dog
one eye pete
a baby laying on the floor next to a large black dog that is lying down
"아~ 좋다.."
a large black dog holding a soccer ball in its mouth
there are two women standing next to each other in front of an advertisement for the same perfume
Here comes Stephen B.
From Mademoiselle, November 1975. That's Jaclyn Smith on the left, before she became one of "Charlie's Angels."
two large dogs and a little boy on the sidewalk with their leashes in front of them
a fluffy black dog sitting on the ground next to a person's handbag
xander hale
a black kitten laying on top of a couch
He’s keeping Chippy safe
a black and white kitten sitting on top of a couch
a large black dog laying on top of a brick wall
Newf Gallery
three kittens laying on the floor next to each other with their paws in the air
Kitties 🫶
a cat sitting on the floor next to a white light that is shaped like a cat