Submerged flowers! Love the different flowers but in same color

Cheap and Easy DIY Distilled water + silk flowers + dollar store vases. Cheap and Easy DIY Distilled water + silk flowers + dollar store vases. Cheap and Easy

Submerged flower and candle centerpieces

Day 1: Asheville, The Biltmore House & Lots of Fun

you can get the vases at Dollar Tree, 3 bags of rocks and the floating candles in a 6 pack at Hob Lob. With a super gorgeous orchid as the flower, in the colors of the wedding, you've got yourself a very pretty, and very thrifty centerpiece!

Grass Bouquets with Copper Embellishments  6 of 28  Grass Bouquets with Copper Embellishments        A touch of copper turns garden-variety grasses into long-lasting elegant bouquets. Junk-drawer finds -- such as napkin rings, doorknobs, or copper plumbing fittings (sold in hardware stores for less than $1 apiece) -- make perfect holders for grasses. To get your grass bouquet (our tall bouquet is 'Evergold' sedge, and our short bouquet is 'Ice Dance' sedge) to stand upright, cut ends flush…

25+ Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Materials Needed:  Glass container or vase  Fresh fruit or flowers  Water  Floating Candles    INSTRUCTIONS:    1. Fill the glass container approximately halfway with desired fruit or fresh flower heads. If using lemons or limes, slice them before placing into the container.    2. Carefully fill the container with water, leaving about 2 inches at the top.    3. Place a floating candle on top of the water.

Fresh Floating Candles Fresh from the garden -- or the grocer's shelves -- fruits and flowers add a refreshing touch to floating candles. I have got a garden so I love this idea!

Jello and daisy's!! I think I found this on BHG.

Jello in a vase and drop flowers in it. Use half the water that jello recipe calls for for more vibrant color. you could use lots of different colors, use lots of stuff to toss in there and use them as centerpieces for any party!

candles rocks water and candles

Beautiful center pieces or just around the house- rocks, flower of your choice (maybe string it to a rock by the stem so it doesn't float) in a vase, fill with water, add small candle and voila-on the mantle?

can and flowers

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