These look like they'd make great tassels!

Heart Strings Thimble Necklaces - Bohemian Tassels using vintage thimbles, beads, buttons, baubles and fibers.


DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. turquoise and cream vintage looking tassel with lace, beads and charms.


Beautiful tassels made with remnants of muslin,pearls and vintage lace ~by Nina Bagley .I see a beautiful spirit doll represented in this lovely tassel.

How to Create Your Own Trendy Tassel Accessories

How to Create Your Own Trendy Tassel Accessories

You read the headline and thought to yourself, wait are they really doing a DIY project involving high school and/or college graduation tassels? Well the answer is no! The tassels we're talking about are handmade, suede, and chic as the

Love the use of the spool

Spool tassel - sew romantic necklace being taught by Denise Hahn at the French General

love tassels

In my barbie dream house, I want old doors, with old locks, with old keys, with pretty tassels.


This is how a key tassel should be shot for web and book art.