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Beyblade burst Ocs charathers

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Creator Ocs and Other

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🌙Moonlight Twin, Hazrin Twin🌙

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I make random oc because im bored so why not? Btw can you please get the name for my random oc beyblade? ⚠️Use base, don't trade my art and don't hate comments⚠️


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🌼💚 kyoko Kusaba 💚🌼

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💜 Chloe Hoshizora 💙

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🖤💜The Weirdo Athena💜🖤

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🧡 Brave Boy Fumiaki Sumiye 🧡

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I forgot to tell you guys Gina Daichi is Free student so that's why she was same little bit outfit. ⚠️Use base, Don't copy my style and don't hate comments!⚠️

The Gamer Blader, Gina Daichi

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Sayuri Masato
Sayuri Masato
Ukyo Ibuki X Sayuri Masato 💛💙

Ninja Protect Black Shadow, Sayuri Masato 💛

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Finally got this gift for @SayakaXAmaneFOREVER I hope you like it. You are such an amazing artist for being so young. You clearly understand color theory, anatomy, and how to shade froma proper light source and that is not easy especially for someone so young. So to that I give you a tip of the hat and say never stop drawing and improving no matter what anyone says. Also the song these two are preforming is called lollipop and is sung by the treblemakers in Picth Perfect 2.
Happy Birthday to the man who ripped my heart out of my chest and ran away with it my albino boy Shu. Hard to believe I've been posting my art on pintrest for over a year now and sharing this oc of mine with you. A lot of people would say I'm probably to old to be in this fandom but I will never stop loving this show it was one of my first animes apart from pokemon. Anyways hope you like this Birthday drawing for Shu!!!!

🎶 Singing sensation Keira Kyirum 🎶

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Mei Eiji 💚 hope you guys liked!
This is my last oc..The name is Mei Eiji, The bey name is Moon Dark, Is Defense Type.... She like Hyuga Asahi and Dere type is Kamidere.... Use base, Og not by me and Hope you guys liked.... 💚💚

Green light of Team Bombers... Mei Eiji💚💚

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💜The Purple Girl,Zyddna Zachery💜

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💕The Evil Girl,Nur Syifaa Masarah 😈

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💜Big Sister Of Lane Valhalla, Lina Valhalla💜

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💚The Green Girl Hinata Tamura💚

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The base by @Kyone_Chan hope you guys liked :) (she change her hair color)
Alice VS Taichi... (She mad 💢) Hope you guys liked! COLLAB WITH TAMOKA CHAN!💕💕

The Bad Girl ❤️Alice Kurita❤️

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Eva Steven
This is Eva Steven Bey in Beyblade Burst Sparking / Surge! The name is Eevee Storm, is defense type! Tope you guys liked!! 💫💫💛💛❤️❤️

❤️The Star Girl Eva Steven💛

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🌙️Moon Lover/Dark Shadow Girl🌙️ Fionna Azumi

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💙Blue Victory Hana💙

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collab with @icybutterfly 🦋 Hope you like this season 1 long haired Keira. At this point she still hasn't told anyone about her time in the snake pit and being blue eye so Ai's words hit her hard. Hope you like this butterfly and ice queen 😉💕


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Before Wakiya went to battle against Shu, He promised to Miyako that they would meet at the finals so they can battle against each other <3
After the group duels, The solo battles were about to start and Miyako wanted to be the champion at all costs so she practiced with Wakiya every day even tho she'll compete with him at the tournament. One day, When Wakiya and Miyako were training for the solo battles, Rantaro decided to join them and he suggested for both of them to train with him for the tournaments. Miyako disagreed, But after the tournaments were finished her, Wakiya and Rantaro has started to train with each other every day

🌸 Savage Girl Miyako Izumi 🌸

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