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Turn Tap for USB Power The Charging Tap is quite an adorable hub that takes in cellphones, digital cameras, and other USB enabled devices, for charging. Quite simple and minimal in styling, all you need to do is to hook up your gadget and turn on the tap!

balcony cups in Japan by desing-dautore

Tea Cup Balconies in Japan // I want this as my future balcony, but I will say it's a coffee cup not tea.

17 Geeky Toilet Designs and Concepts | Walyou

"W+W" - washbasin & watercloset by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti for Roca. The design filters and stores waste water from the basin and uses it to fill the cistern of the toilet.

3012 kello, harmaa-valkoinen

Grey and white Hygge 3012 watch. Design by Mats Lönngren.

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