calabaza en papel mache

Halloween Pumpkin Papier Mache Pumpkin - Use a balloon and twine to form the pumpkin sections, then add your layers of paper strips. Allow to dry overnight, then paint. Very Clever! This link also provides you with a Homemade Candy Corn recipe!


Pottery Houses I HAVE TO TRY THIS these look so cute and unusual! - Ceramika, Aberdeen UK~these are so pretty wow

birds    Polymer clay

Pumpkinseeds Originals Folk Art Janell Berryman: Koo-Koo Crazy Birds-so cute!

Love the patterns!(podia ser papel mache)

Like the idea of doing layers of texture to create detail, visual interest, and anatomical features of a variety of animals in clay.

ceramic owl idea

This cute ceramic owl is made from white earthenware clay with all the individual pieces hand cut and decorated. It is then fired and decorated with rich, glossy glazes and re-fired to 1100 degrees. It hangs from a antiqued gold wire Owl dim.