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a green brooch with the shape of a hand holding two fingers up in the air
Stained Glass Skeleton Devil Horns - Original Design by Sarah Segovia of Fragile Beauty - Bright Lime Green Glass - Metal Gothic Skeleton
a hand holding a small metal object in the grass
Serotonin Molecule Stained Glass Planter Iridescent Rainbow - Etsy
a multicolored stained glass pendant hangs from a chain on a white background with a shadow
Blue and yellow stained glass propagation station #2
Vibrant blue and yellow stained glass sun catcher propagation station. Includes the glass tube.
a green stained glass butterfly hanging from a chain on a white background with black accents
Luna Moth Stained Glass Plant Propagation Holder
This luna moth style propagation is a unique and beautiful piece of functional artwork. It makes a wonderful addition to any plant home and an even better gift for your plant obsessed loved ones. Dimensions Height- 10 in Width- 7 in Original and unique artwork for any space. The process of creating stained glass art starts with an original design, glass selection, and then cutting and shaping each individual piece by hand. After the pieces are properly shaped and cleaned, the edges are then wrap
a group of colorful umbrellas hanging from the side of a white wall next to each other
Stained Glass Colorful Everlasting Wildflowers, Flower Suncatcher, 5 or up to 11 Pieces Create Your Wildflower Bouquet - Etsy Australia
several different colored stained glass ornaments tied to twine on a white surface with tags around them
Colourful Glass Kaleidoscope: 20+ Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorations