Una de las 10 librerias mas sorprendentes del mundo: El Ateneo, Buenos Aires

"El Ateneo" Bookstore, Buenos Aires"Argentina by Taylor Moore --- My fav place in BsAs .was a theather and now is a bookstore, is amazing Karina Apipilhuasco

Cañones  con dulce de leche, mmm¡¡¡ quiero ahora¡¡¡

10 panes latinos que amamos con locura y pasión

Cañones con dulce de leche is a pastry. It is kind of like a puff pastry but both of the ends are cut open. There is a filling on the inside and powdered sugar on the top.

The Guest house at Terrazas de los Andes in Mendoza Argentina sounds like a great getaway local... Malbec wines, a private chef and a sunset picnic with horseback-riding http://www.refinery29.com/travel-destinations#slide6

The Guest House at Terrazas de los Andes in Mendoza, Argentina Set in the midst of a working vineyard, this six-room casita offers warm hospitality and tons of spectacular wine well within reach

Mapa de la fauna de Argentina

This is more than Buenos Aires, but I include it because I doubt that many people know about the variety of wildlife in Argentina.

Buenos Aires - Congreso - | Viajeros

"With Love, The Argentina Family~ Memories of Tango and Kugel; Mate with Knishes"

Argentina "La Argentina, el país de los seis continentes". Este lema fue creado para el plan de promoción turística en 1998 haciendo alusión a su diversidad geográfica, natural y cultural.

El pais de los seis continentes

Salinas Grandes, Purmamarca, provincia de Jujuy, Argentina. Salt flats.

Hermosos lugares argentinos para visitar...

Salinas Grandes - Purmamarca - Jujuy - Argentina (salt desert that covers an area of mi²)