Gorgeous Embroidered jacket Fashion Trend :- I love embroidered outfits. It's a great art, it will give a gorgeous look. An embroidered or embellished jacket has all the accessories you need for an outfit already stitched on it.

DIY  embellished sweatshirt

jeweled sweatshirt from J. Crew/ thought how easy to make - picked up some stones in Shamshuipo and went to work

rainbow kate spade earrings!

DIAMOND does with necklace - Colorful Kate Spade Studs, any fun/pretty colors. Just not plain diamonds cause I already have those. Available at outlets


This is a stunning garment from the Valentino Fashion Week I personally think its beyond beautiful and I love how the designer has included a clear material which allows the birds to stand out.

DIY - MOROCCAN WEDDING BLANKET; Savannah Chenille Bedding

WHAT I USED - Sewing Machine (Of course, but if you don& own one, you could always channel your inner Martha Stewart and atte.

Miu Miu Details #pixiemarket

photographed by Xi Sinsong for the embroidered paillettes on the collar and the mix with the jaquard knitted pullover