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a wreath with the words oh come let us adore him written in green and pink
For now is always an acceptable time to praise the God-Man, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.
an image of a castle in the foggy day with snow falling on it's roof
Luxury fashion & independent designers | SSENSE
love this picture of the temple. need to print
a globe with clouds in the sky is shown on a stand and has gold trim around it
Dreamlike atmosphere
Cloud pics glued to globe
a small red car with a christmas tree on top in the middle of a snowy street
And to All a Good Night…... - Cottage in the Oaks
I hope you and your special ones have a marvelously fabulous Christmas…..remember to savor it, soak it in…’s OK if the dinner flops. It will be a fun memory. It’s OK if one of your loving children throw the laundry downstairs to fold and underwear lands on the ceiling fans …. unawares. And stays there …