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a large billboard on the side of a road with a man's face in spanish
18 Imágenes que te harán decir "¡Uy, se la mamó!"
A él se le hace muy fácil. | 18 Imágenes que te harán decir "¡Uy, se la mamó!"
a cartoon bird wearing a hat and sitting on top of a blue object with an empty speech bubble above it
a man wearing a top hat and holding a fish in front of his face with its mouth open
a man in a suit and tie standing on a skateboard with the words saquendo del sistema solar
Sáquenlo del sistema solar
a man in sunglasses is smiling while sitting in a crib with the words frozen on it
a man in a gas mask next to a skull
a monkey wearing a helmet and scarf with the words xd on it's face
a skeleton sitting on top of a bed next to the words el pajaas
Chistes, Fotos
an animated image of a man with white hair and no shirt holding his hand up in front of him
Si o k