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a lime green car parked in front of a building with an audi logo on it
an olive green car parked in front of a parking lot with other cars behind it
Best 4 Door Sports Cars In The World [Best Pictures Cars]
the green car is driving down the road
a man in a suit with a darth vader mask on his head and the words your lack of fashion disturbs me
#snakeandfawn #geekchic Star Wars
a poster with the words no matter how old an empty wrapping paper tube is still a light saber
A reassuring comment for aging Star Wars fans
a darth vader helmet with the words i'm the type of girl who loves star wars
a star wars quote with the words i wouldn't be the person i am today if
True story
an image of yoda from star wars
Star Wars
boba fett has actually the one who told darth vader he had a son after falling to capture him
This was never explained in the movies so here you go! #starwarsfacts by starwarsfacts_
darth vader and luke star wars with the quote lightsabers and blasters in return of the jedi have opposite colors for each side of the force
I love when they do stuff like that !