Belgica - Mono de fiesta escote halter y pedrería en cuello

Belgica - Halter cocktail jumpsuit with gemstones on the neckline

Look para invitada a bodas de 2015 con pantalón palazzo

10 looks para ir como invitada a una boda en 2015

Breda - Mono de fiesta escote redondo en espalda, en encaje y crepe

Breda - Cocktail jumpsuit, round opening at the back, in lace and crepe

I want pretty: Look- Ideas de maquillaje, peinado y outfits para mujer y hombre!/ Outfits, Hair and beauty ideas for man and woman!

I LOVE jumpsuits and rompers! I only have one jumpsuit, and it's a statement piece. I would love to add more to my wardrobe. This purple is one of my best colors to wear.