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How to Strengthen Your Lung Health and Immune System — Balanced Health Acupuncture - Marion, MA

Learn why your lung health is so important to maintaining a healthy immune system and how you can strengthen your lung health and immune system at home with acupressure. Learn an acupuncture point to practice acupressure on to support your lung health and strengthen your immune system.

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12 Balance Exercises for Seniors

Looking to improve your balance? Research shows that balance exercises for seniors can significantly reduce the risk of falls. Here are the top balance exercises I recommend for my patients.

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Top 3 Life-Changing Breathing Exercises for Beginners

By Dr. Chad Walding, DPTOctober 2nd, 2019 Have you ever heard of the saying, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it? Without practice, it’s easy to forget the proper way to do things. This can include a certain skill set, exercise, and even breathing. In fact, a common habit many people have is poor posture. Not practicin

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Natural Relief for Mucus in the Lungs?

There has been a lot of recent discussion about mucous and phlegm in our pulmonary fibrosis forums. In particular, people seem interested in how to resolve this issue naturally. I recently saw this photo on another social media site pertaining to patients living with various lung diseases, and...

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How To Strengthen Your Lungs Naturally—Tips From A Lung Patient

Your lungs are essential to your health. If you want to keep your lungs healthy, try these 9 simple and natural ways to strengthen your lungs.

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Lung Cleansing Tea : Best Homemade Recipe To Detox Your Lungs

7 reviews
12 minutes

Lung cleansing tea recipe : Detox & cleanse your lungs & respiratory system, with natural foods & herbs you can find at your local store.

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How to Increase Your Lung Capacity: 4 Exercises to Try Today

Do you ever feel like you get short of breath in situations when other people may not? If so, there are several factors that could contribute to this, including the negative effects of smoking, asthma, and COPD. Or maybe you are a runner, swimmer, yoga enthusiast or singer, and have what would be considered 'normal' lung capacity. But you want to increase your lung capacity so you can improve in your craft. If either of these is true, one thing you can do is learn how to increase your lung…