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Currently Watching: Zero: Black Blood

Well, I was trying to find something easy, light and short to watch. I came across Zero: Black Blood on plex. The episodes were 30 minutes long and the series has 6 episodes only. But when I…

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Currently Watching: Caution, Hazardous Wife

It is Ayase Haruka! I am a huge fan of this young lady! And in this drama, she once again plays another smart character – a smart housewife. I am also a fan of Nishijima Hidetoshi but he is n…

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
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Just Watched: Tatta Hitotsu no Koi

So I needed a romance after I completed A Love So Beautiful. I stumbled on Tatta Hitotsu no Koi on plex and thought of giving it a try. It’s Kame and Ayase’s 2006 drama. It is so old bu…

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Currently Watching: Hana ni Keda Mono

So I wanted something light to watch and came across Hana ni Keda Mono on Bel’s plex. It is a high school drama and you know I never say no to this genre. High school drama, in my opinion, is…

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Just Watched: Unnatural

Not knowing what it was about except that it is a medical genre and has Satomi in it, I waited last minute before starting Unnatural. I must say anything with Satomi is a winner. She lights up in a…

Takane no Hana - 2018 Japanese Drama
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Just Watched: Takane no Hana

I knew I wanted to watch Takane no Hana aka Born to be a Flower after I saw the trailer. It was dark, mysterious and interesting. Since Ishihara Satomi is the main lead, I knew immediately that it …

Dai Renai -Boku wo Wasuweru Kimi to - 2018 Japanese Drama
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Currently Watching: Dai Renai – Boku wo Wasureru Kimi to

My Japanese girlfriend recommended this drama and I obliged *laughs*. See how easy it is to influence me? Yes, I am that weak especially when I have plenty of days off lately. Dai Renai completed a…

The Count of Monte Cristo: Great Revenge - 2018 Japanese Drama
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Currently Watching: The Count of Monte-Cristo: Great Revenge

I admit I know nothing about the real Monte Cristo story. So my canvas is completely white when I started this drama. All I know is revenge is my favorite genre! What’s more, Dean Fujioka is …

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Currently Watching: Rakuen

Another WOWOW production drama! I am a fan! They are master of producing crime dramas, in my opinion. I have yet to be disappointed so far. And Rakuen is the latest installment. I just can’t …

Fukigen na Kajitsu
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Currently Watching: Fukigen na Kajitsu

If you are given an opportunity to cheat on your spouse, would you? And if you are inviting yourself to an affair, how will you stop it from damaging your marriage? I know, the questions are broad …

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Currently Watching: Kimi wa Petto

I have been wanting to watch Kimi Wa Petto like forever! Finally able to start it while I was in India and I regretted not starting it sooner. This drama is so cute! Everything is so cute. Their ch…

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Currently Watching: Cinderella Formula

Don’t ask me but while I suppose to catch up on my dramas, I decided to start on something new! I feel like slapping myself! I started Cinderella Formula because I thought it is a romcom dram…

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Currently Watching: Fukuyado Honpo: Kyoto Love Story

Once again, I started another new drama. I promised myself this will be the last one. I must finish Lawless Lawyer immediately once this drama ends. I seriously couldn’t resist starting anoth…

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Currently Watching: Switched

So I caught up with Mr. Sunshine (review to come soon) and was shocked by the ending and immediately felt I need something light and fluffy to cheer myself up. I started Switched with a mind that i…

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Currently Watching: Repeat

Suddenly we got so many subbers subbing Japanese dramas! I am stoked!!! When Bel convinced me that the subbers consistently subbing so that watchers like me could enjoy it again, I just could not c…