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a blue and white quilt on a couch
a white fence with a red and gray quilt hanging on it's side next to a wooden picket
Favourite Four Patch Quilt Pattern - Etsy
a quilt made with many different colors and patterns
Antique Four Patch Economy Block Tutorial
a quilted bed with two pillows on top of it and a pillow in the middle
Finish It Up Friday ~ Paper Chains
an old quilt hanging on the wall next to some wood stacked in front of it
Four Patch
a wooden bench sitting next to a patchwork quilt
On Point Four-Patch Quilt Tutorial
an old quilt with many different colored squares on it
Four Patch on Point
a very large patchwork quilt with many different colors
This is getting exciting!
a green and yellow patchwork quilt with many different squares on it's sides
Sewing Scrap Quilts