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Happy holidays everyone! And 3k followers recently, thanks! Process - GAL file -

Dark Souls Pixel Art by Zedotagger

dark souls fanart by on @deviantART

What can I say, I just friggin LOOOOVE Darksouls, especially the visuals and the overall style. Unfortunately I had to realize that due to work I pretty much wont be able to play this game ever aga.

Dark Souls Solaire of Astora - 11x17 Print - Travel Poster. $19.95, via Etsy.

Dark Souls Poster - Praise the Sun

Just one more week, I can't take this, praise the Sun! [Dark Soul 3]

Two favorite characters in dark souls

Art of Dark Souls

m Paladin Plate Helm Shield Sword Art of Dark Souls

Dark Souls Posters For Sale

Abysswalker Artorias the best Dark Souls boss

dark souls 3 red knight - Google Search ----- The Dark Souls games have inspired me in so many ways, not only have they shaped how i envision most of my games but it has also impacted the world of gaming More

Dark Souls 3 Soul of Cinder

e-h-macmillan: “ Taurus Demon. Hand painting stone is …. rather time consuming. ”

e h macmillan : Photo

havel dark souls - Google Search

Inktober Day Oscar of Astora from Dark Souls (cover variation)

Dark Souls Emblem Collection on Behance by Robba SC

Give me the sif, ornstein, and blades of the dark moon things.