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Gather, Play, Pray: 32 Fun Must-Try Activities for Your Next Women's Ministry Ladies Night Event!
Looking for fun and engaging activities for your next Women's Ministry Ladies Night? Get ready with our ultimate collection of 32 fun & faith-filled ideas for Women's Ministry events! From icebreakers to team challenges, these activities are perfect for building connections, strengthening bonds, and creating unforgettable memories with your fellow sisters in Christ. Games for womens ministry ladies night, ladies game night ideas women ministry, womens ministry events themes, ladies night ideas.
how to start a tea party in minutes
What is a Tea Ministry?
A Tea Ministry is about lifting others up with encouragement and spending time with God, along with bonding over tea. This Ministry can encompass cancer patients, widows, military wives, shut-ins, etc.
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a woman's memory book and cup of coffee on a table with flowers in a vase
Connections: How to Set Up a Women's Mentoring Program - The Ruffled Mango
how to host a bible journaling event with free printables for kids and adults
How to Host a Bible Journaling Event - Women's Ministry Toolbox
an apple tree with the words, roots before fruits defending your relationship with god on it
Learn How To Get Closer To God - 7 Ways To Get Rooted In Him
a poster with the words circle of love, sculpture, crafts, music, activities and more
Circle of His Love - Women's Retreat Theme
a person typing on a laptop with the words keeping seniors connected at church 4 tips for active engagement
How to Get Seniors More Involved at Church - Blogs By Christian Women
a poster with the words how to care for seniors in your church, and an image of
How To Care For And Minister To Seniors In Your Church
pink flowers with the words name your women's ministry on it and an image of a
Naming a Women's Ministry
Here are some good tips for finding a name for your women's minsitry.
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Bee Hive DIY | In case you missed it. Bee Hive DIY | By We Craft Around | Hey everybody, it's Beth. Today I'm using one of these little plastic cloches from Dollar Tree. What I do is I make sure to leave the lid on the bottom so I can line up the rope right. I hawk glue it all the way around the bottom. And then on the second row I just kind of tuck it and then move on to the next row. Just hot gluing it all the way around to the top. And it does take me two packs of the nautical rope from Dollar tree. When I get to the end of the first set of rope I cut it making sure that the rope is in the back where it had started so the front of it is nice and clean. And then just hot glue the second set of rope right to that first one and finish that going all the way up. And with some of the rope I had left I made a little top for it. Just hot gluing just a half circle on the top. Kinda looks like a little handle on the top. And to make sure that that is facing the front, the cleanest side that I'll be using. And then I had just enough rope left to make this little circle. I hot glued the ends of it together. And lining that up with the top I had made on the front and I just hot glue the back of that and then place it down on the rest of the rope. Next I take ink colored chalk paint by Waverly and apply that with a sponge to this glass candle holder that I got from Dollar Tree and I do two coats on that as well as the little bottom of the cloche. I do just around the rim. I know it's already black but I wanted it to match well with the candle holder. I also take the same black chalk paint and paint the inside of that little circle I had hot glued on there. And I just do one coat of that. Just making sure it's completely covered on the inside of that circle. And next I take a matte varnish by Waverly and apply that with a paint brush to the outside of the candle holder as well as the side of the bottom of the cloche that I had painted. This will seal in the paint prevent chipping. You could also use Mod Podge. It would work just as well. And then I take a few of these bees that I get from Amazon and hot glue them to the beehive. And I make sure to put one of them on that circle on the front where the pieces were glued together so you don't see that hot glue right there. And then just place two of them in different places on the beehive. And then I take a little bit of raffia and just kind of cut the ends of that after I looped it around and kind of match the length I had with this lace ribbon and buffalo check ribbon cutting them about the same length and then take the few pieces of raffia and wrap it around that little handle on the top and I just tie that in a knot and then I add the lace ribbon as well as the buffalo check ribbon and I do them all separate so there's not a big huge knot all lumped together around there. That's why I'm doing them separately. And then I just kind of go around and trim up the ribbons kind of at an angle. And then I put some hot glue on the top of the candle holder and place that upside down on the bottom part of the cloche stand. And then place back down the little beehive. And that's it for this project. Thank you so much for watching.