~embroidery stitches~Good list of stitches to learn/know

Embroidery Stitches - (Featured Stitches) Blanket, Buttonhole, Closed Buttonhole & Up & Down Buttonhole stitching embroidery how to DIY project design template pattern handmade sewing craft idea

What a creative way to go about pompoms

I believe the best way of making small pompoms is using a fork. There are many ways of making nice, full and round looking pompoms (pompons, pom-poms or pom-pons as they are variously written) but …

Every hobby has its learning curve, and embroidery is no exception. By reviewing these 20 Common Embroidery Mistakes, you'll be a step ahead by knowing what to avoid before starting an embroidery project.

20 Common Embroidery Mistakes

Want to become a stitching pro? Learn how to avoid these 20 common embroidery mistakes and correct the project problems that come along.

Just beautiful! Crocheted flowers + embroidery on needlepoint canvas.No pattern available but it can easily be used as a starting point for your own design!

crewel embroidery with crochet?do I file it under crochet or embroidery? This is Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery (BDE) using Rayon threads and Milliners needles



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