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Kuih Spera recipe ( Malaysian Curry Puff with coconut filly)

Kuih Spera Recipe (Malaysian Curry Puff with Coconut Filling) » Indonesia Eats

Kuih Spera or as Lisa from Lemony Kitchen explained it’s similar to curry puff but with coconut filling. For Indonesians Curry Puff is pretty much a buddy of Pastel or Jalakote. When I approached Lisa to be my first Malaysian guest post I simply wanted something that has a root to her background. Seeing Lisa’s […]

Sambal Ikan Bilis (Anchovies with Chilli Paste)

Sambal Ikan Bilis (I)

Sambal ikan bilis is a Malay dish in Singapore. Dried anchovies, aka ikan bilis in Malay, are deep-fried till crisp and brown, then mixed with sambal. Deep-fried peanuts may be tossed with the spicy mix. They add to the fragrance, taste and texture of the anchovies.

Fong's Kitchen Journal: Nyonya Fried Mee Siam

Nyonya Fried Mee Siam

Spicy Rice Vermicelli One of the benefits of writing a food blog is it motivates me to keep looking out for new recipes, cooking ideas and trying out new dishes. By posting the dishes online, it helps to keep track of the dishes that I have cooked for the past week, month or year, and at the same time, what are the dishes that I have been wanting to try out, but never appear on my dinner table. Better still, join a blogging event, for instance, a monthly food theme, where we need to use…

Popiah | 22 Malaysian Foods Everyone Should Learn How To Cook

Rojak Buah

Part burrito and part egg-roll, you can't go wrong with popiah. The thin and chewy dough is stuffed with a variety of goodies: veg, meat, and rice, and is typically dipped in a sweet bean sauce.Get the recipe here.

Monica's Super Simple Chicken Curry

Garam Masala: A Taste Worth Acquiring

Every region in India, every area, every house, every cook within every house has a favorite version of this warm blend of spices, says food writer Monica Bhide. Its potency didn't appeal to her when she was a child, but she grew to appreciate the magic behind garam masala.

The Kerabu Kecambah (another Perananakan Terengganu cuisine) A refreshing salad made with beansprout and green papaya mix with spices and herb, a suitable accompaniment with white rice or Nasi Lemak/Coconut Rice !

Kerabu Kecambah/Salad

My third and final cuisine of Terengganu Peranakan -- the Kerabu Kecambah . The salad was very refreshing , rich with flavours, a suitable ...

50+ Recipes That You Can Make in Your Instant Pot — Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn

75+ Best Instant Pot Recipes for Dinner, Dessert & More

All the most delicious ways to put your Instant Pot to work this season.

Diah Didi's Kitchen: Udang Goreng Kipas Renyah

Udang Goreng Kipas Renyah

Punya stock udang seger hasil belanja di pasar tadi pagi..pasti salah satu masakan yang ku sukai adalah udang goreng. Jadi..berbagai jenis udang goreng sering banget aku buat. Dari yang cuma udang goreng di balut tepung kering..atau udang goreng di celup adonan basah..semua aku suka..! ^^ Nah..biar beda..tadi karena udangnya lumayan gede2 dan seger..jadi pengen buat udang goreng kipas. Udang goreng kipas adalah udang goreng kombinasi..di celup adonan tepung dulu..kemudian di gulingkan ke…

Resep Dendeng Balado Enak

Resep Dendeng Balado Enak -

Menu masakan padang apakah yang paling anda sukai? Kalau jawabannya adalah dendeng balado, anda tepat sekali berkunjung ke web Karena disana terdapat resep dendeng balado padang beserta cara membuat dendeng balado basah yang paling enak. Cobain deh, pasti suka.

My Kitchen Snippets: Nyonya Acar/Spicy Pickle Vegetables

Nyonya Acar/Spicy Pickle Vegetables

I love Acar, but I never attempt to make it until a couple of weeks ago. Acar is a type of vegetable pickle/salad popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Made from different vegetables like cucumbers, long beans, carrots, cabbage and is pickled with spicy paste and vinegar. Ground peanuts and sesame seeds are also added to this dish. Acar is commonly served as a condiment to be eaten with a main course. This is a great vegetarian dish too. I adapted the recipe from Star Kuali and…