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Outside Inspiration: Paisley Patterns

Paisleys and others. I can see this as embroidery, a cookie design, patches on a cute tote bag, limitless ideas with this.

Плетение из газеты, шпагата

tutorial bordados puntos embroidery bordat

These stitches can all be uses as fillers. The small picture shows the effect. Top to bottom: Roumanian Stitch, Roumanian Couching, Fly Stitch, Cretan Stitch and Fishbone Stitch

cinto bordado de aRPILLERA

♒ Enchanting Embroidery ♒ Jenny Krauss Embroidered Belt (would be nice for purse or camera bag strap

Square bag - *Inspiration* - Crochet - Work up a crochet bag and then line it with matching fabric on the inside.

The layout pic can be used for all kinds of squares-Square bag - *Inspiration* - Crochet


Time to pullover. Shop pullover sweaters, oversized jumpers, turtleneck sweaters and more at Nasty Gal.

Dril de algodón del dril de algodón la por GrannysRecycledRags

Denim Purse Denim Bag - Vintage - Recycled

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elcuadernodeideas: Cinturón de arpillera bordado Más

Bolsos artesanales | Moda Bolsos

bohem tarzı çanta - The latest in Bohemian Fashion! These literally go vira