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two heads with ear phones attached to them, one has a thought bubble above it
Jorgito Art y sus ilustraciones cómicas
Humour, Mexican Quotes, Movie Subtitles, Mexican Humor, Humor Mexicano
16 expresiones muy mexicanas que debes conocer
a cartoon character holding a map with the words tempo perdo on it
an orange background with a cartoon character holding a giant pencil in it's hands
Divertidos dibujos que reflejan el doble sentido de las palabras
a cartoon character holding a pencil in front of a blackboard with numbers on it
Chistes Tiernos...
an image of a cartoon cell phone going down the stairs with caption that reads bateria baja
Puede una Organización sentir? Tienen las Organizaciones emociones propias? Pueden enfermar?
an image of a woman with a pink manicure on her shirt that says, hoy esmalte
Uñas esculpidas
two coffee mugs with faces on them and the words que tazaciondo?
Chistes for Spanish Class
a poster with an image of a piece of bread and the words youe selo?
an elephant is plugged into a phone with a power cord in its mouth and the caption reads prado
jerry mont (@jerrymont) on X
Tumblr, Illustrated Words
Inspiración. Creación. Admiración.
a cartoon character holding a spoon in front of a glass with the words jugo concentrado on it
4 Ways to Use Memes in Spanish Class
an image of two books with the words libros infantiles written on them
Inspiración. Creación. Admiración.
a cartoon strawberry holding a cup of coffee with the words toma te on it
🥇 IMÁGENES de FELICIDAD & ALEGRIA con Frases para Whatsapp ◁
two cartoon guitars are playing music together
Imagenes con personajes que enamoran