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two pictures of hands with gardening gloves on, and one showing dirt in the palm
Spring Jobs For Every Blueberry Grower
If you've got a blueberry bush, you need to do these things in early spring.
a butterfly sitting on top of a pink flower in a field with purple and yellow flowers
16 Plants To Turn Your Backyard Into A Butterfly Paradise
If you want endless butterflies flitting around your backyard this summer, then plant these plants.
a small green plant growing out of the ground
7 Plants That Should Never Grow Near Tomatoes
7 Plants That Should Never Grow Near Tomatoes
two images showing how to use gardening shears
How to Propagate Rhododendron Cuttings
Multiply your rhododendron collection for free by propagating cuttings.
a hand is sprinkling water from a watering hose into a garden bed filled with wildflowers
6 Eggshell Uses in the Garden + 4 Eggshell Gardening Myths
6 Eggshell Uses in the Garden + 4 Eggshell Gardening Myths
two wooden planters hanging from chains with plants in them
15 Innovative Strawberry Planting Ideas For Big Harvests In Tiny Spaces
Anyone can grow more strawberries than they can handle with these clever planting ideas.
lavender plant with the title how to plant a lavender hedge and 12 reasons why you should
How to Plant a Lavender Hedge (& 12 Reasons Why You Should)
Every property should have a lavender hedge. Here's why...
how to make tomato dust from scratchsticks and other things you can do with tomatoes
How To Make Tomato Dust
This magical tomato dust can turn any dish from ordinary to extraordinary.
different types of tomatoes and other vegetables with text overlay that reads, 15 terrible ways to use a ton of tomatoes
15 Terrific Ways to Use a Ton of Tomatoes
15 Terrific Ways to Use a Ton of Tomatoes
tomatoes in a bowl with the words can you grow tomato plants from a sliced tomato?
Can You Grow Tomato Plants from a Sliced Tomato?
Slice a tomato, stick it in the dirt, grow dozens of brand new tomato plants. Sounds easy, but does it work? Let's find out.
two bowls filled with yellow dandelions and the words 25 reasons to go & pick dandelions today
25 Reasons To Go & Pick Dandelions Today
Grab the kids and get outside to pick the dandelions. More than a pesky "weed" the flowers are useful for so many things.
a bird that is eating some food out of a bird feeder with the words, 34 diy bird feeders to create a bird paradise
34 Incredible DIY Bird Feeders That Will Fill Your Garden With Beautiful Birds
Grab your binoculars and hang one of these bird feeders to attract endless variety of birds to your backyard.
some plants that are growing out of the ground with text overlay reading 20 perennial foods to plant once and enjoy every year
20 Perennial Fruits & Veggies To Plant Once & Harvest Year After Year
Once planted and established, perennial fruits and vegetables require very little work except topdressing and occasional weeding and pruning.
pink flowers with the words 15 beautiful shade loving perennials
15 Beautiful Perennials That Grow In The Shade
Grow these perennial flowers in a shady spot in your garden to add a beautiful pop of color.
someone is cutting up lettuce in the garden with text overlay that reads, 20
20 Cut & Come Again Veggies For An Endless Supply Of Free Food
You don't just get one harvest out of these veggies, you can harvest them continuously throughout summer.