Elinga Pieter Janssen. Mujer leyendo.   [siglo XVII]

Reading Woman Pieter Janssens Elinga (Dutch, Oil on canvas. Inside outside recurring theme and geometric play on repeating visual rhythms

La niña de las flores, Francisco Antonio Cano- [1904]

La niña de las flores, Francisco Antonio Cano- [1904]

Edward Hopper, La soledad.  "American Scene".

Edward Hopper, Automat, Oil on canvas, 28 in × Des Moines Art Center. This week a reader sent me a copy of "How to Feel Miserable As An Artist." This marvelous list was created by illustrator Keri Smith and

Vittorio Matteo Corcos . Sueños [1896]

1896 Vittorio Matteo Corcos Sogni (Dreams), Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Roma. (National Gallery of Art, Rome)

Horizontes, Francisco Antonio Cano        [1913]

'Horizontes' by Colombian painter Francisco Antonio Cano, exhibited in the Museo de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia.

Vermeer - Ragazza che legge una lettera davanti ad una finestra aperta.

Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window - Johannes Vermeer - 1657 - Gallery: Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden, Germany