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the info sheet shows how to use different types of machines for lifting and lifting headphones
Leg Press Foot Placement Variation - His Target Muscle
Squats- Effect of stance on muscle groups.
a woman doing plank exercises on her stomach with the words plank exercises written below it
Plank Love – 10 Minute Plank Workout
TEN different ways you can plank for a full body workout! Complete tutorial at
two people doing yoga in front of a fire place
9 Ways to Use a Yoga Block
how to really put your yoga blocks to use
a woman is doing yoga poses on the floor
March 8, 2016 • Jason Crandell Yoga Method
Think you can't love backbends? You can! It doesn't matter how flexible you are -- it's all about working with your body. Try these five propped poses and your body will fall in love with the feeling of backbends!
a woman is doing yoga on the floor
Place two blocks at the lowest height next to the mid-upper ribcage below the armpits. Place the hands on the blocks with the fingers flat on the block rather than curled over the edge. (This will help stretch the underside of the forearms)
a woman is doing yoga with the words 20 min vinyasa yoga withablock
20 min vinyasa with a block
20 min yoga video with a block
an image of yoga props for beginners
a guide to how to use yoga props
the diagram shows how to draw different shapes and sizes for each individual figure in this drawing
Shoulderstand and Forearm Stand
90 Minute Intermediate (Focus on Shoulderstand & Forearm Stand) p1
the diagram shows how to do different exercises
Ashtanga First Series
Ashtanga First Series page 2
an image of a woman doing exercises on her cell phone with the caption stretching to improve back flexibility
Stretches for back flexibility
an exercise poster showing the different exercises to do with dumbbells and absorption balls
stability ball exercises - I think my knee will permit me to do exactly 2 of these, but it's a start!
diagram of the position of the lumba and back side of the lower limb, labeled below
Bandhas for Beginners: Intro to Yoga's Interior Locks
Bandhas for Beginners: Intro to Yoga's Interior Locks