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Natalia Martin

Natalia Martin
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Want a lotus for a representation of all the shit I've been through. Still I am my beautiful self despite the bullshit ive conquered

Top 10 Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs The lotus flower represents renewal and growth out of darkness. The lotus is rooted in mud and comes up into the light to blossom. You see beauty above, but where it came from is not apparent.

I like the size and curvy lines of this om sign

Om is a simple symbol that can carry significant religious or spiritual meaning. Om tattoos represent an understanding of the ancient universal principles with the symbol standing for the sound of life in this universe.

Om tattoo for inside the ankle

'Om Shanti' means peace for all human kind, peace for all living & non living beings, peace for the universe, & peace for each & every thing in this whole cosmic manifestation.