the bears by wanda hutira, via Behance

Different Bear art, I love the second and third image on here the most, the bear is very geometric and I feel could be used across the other types of animals!

581862_316153675154041_2129963440_n.jpg 600×750 pixels

intricate bear, could make similar out of fabric? Brilliant design development with fur, subtle but highly effective

Spirit Animal Quiz - What's Your Spirit Animal?

SpiritHoods Spirit Animal Quiz - What's Your Spirit Animal? I got that I was in the canine category (includes: wolf, fox, coyote, husky)

Ursa Major Constellation Poner en zul oscuro al oso y en amarillo o blanco las estrellas. Casi mejor las lineas en blanco de unión y las estrellas amarillo-blanco

Ursa Major Constellation

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I want to get a bear tattoo. But it’s hard to find a drawing that captures what I associate with it. This one’s nice, but I can imagine it would be quite hard to tattoo. (via Bear // Graphite Stretched Canvas by Sandra Dieckmann