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a room decorated with blue and gold drapes
a pink background with the words faith isn't a finish line, it's a muscle you have to keep working out so quickly
Faith isn't a finish line...It’s a muscle you have to keep working out.
It’s a muscle you have to keep working out. So diligently work out your faith with joy, knowing that it’s not about the strength of your faith, but the strength of the One in whom you put your faith (Matt. 17:20). -Taylor Cage #wellwateredwomen | Read the entire article on our blog today! | theologically rich bible study resources tools tips Christian women ministry God's word scripture bible verse encouragement Godly woman quotes
four framed pictures with gold leaf designs on the wall
#watercolourart #watercolorlove #paintings #watercolorlandscape #flowers #acuarelas #watercolorflo
an open drawer with dishes in it
Pull Drawers for New or Existing Cabinets by ShelfGenie | ShelfGenie
Casserole lovers, brownie bakers, lasagna makers...this tray bin's for you! #KitchenOrganization #PullOutShelves #TrayBin
an empty closet with shelves and hanging items
Closet improvisado
Bom dia!!! A suite da casa que estamos morando é muito pequena, ao ponto de não caber um guarda-roupa grande nela. Como eu tenho muita...
four stools and three tables are arranged in the same manner, each with a different wooden top