Miss the A.B.N crew! Lol

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two tacos sitting on top of a plate with lettuce and tomatoes
Its titty taco tequila tuesday
Its titty taco tequila tuesday
a cartoon character on a treadmill with the caption, what exercise do tacos hate? crunches happy taco tuesday
What exercise do tacos hate? Funny Taco Tuesday Joke by Twangler The Taco Wrangler
😆🌮 Happy Taco Tuesday! Twangler is now available for purchase at our website and inselect retail stores.
an image of two cartoon characters with words in front of them that read, when i have to explain something more than 2 times
the text reads, lol people want to be in competition with me so bad we're not even in the same bracket just chill
Simmer down sweetie! Stop watching lol. It's hilarious.
a black and white poster with the words does anyone know where adults can trick or treat? looking for a neighborhood that hands out tacos