Kebyo {仮病}

Fumiya/Lust / ラスト🤢 (ba.) Hinagiku Hina / 雛菊 雛 (gt.) Handa Ichiyo / 半田 ヰ夂葉 (gt.) Yotsutsuji Utsuke / 四ツ辻 鬱気 (dr.) ☽───⛧-༺♰༻-⛧───☾ Yuki sai / 幽城 齋…
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Yuki Sai {ex-ba.}

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Yotsutsuji Utsuke {drums}

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Fumiya/Lust {bassist}

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Watanuki Miyuki {ex.vo}

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Handa Ichiyo {guitar}

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Hinagiku Hina {guitar}

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a woman with red hair and piercings posing for the camera
Kebyo 仮病 ☆ Hina
a woman with blue and pink hair is holding a laptop in an office space wearing glasses
Kebyo 仮病 ☆ Utsuke
a person with colorful hair and makeup holding something up to the camera while sitting in front of a computer
Kebyo 仮病 ☆ Utsuke
Hair, Face References, Face Reference, Reasons To Live, J Fashion, Band
Kebyo 仮病 ☆ Hina
Dreadlocks, Harajuku, Punk Rock, Hair Styles, Vkei Fashion, Vkei Bands
Kebyo 仮病 ☆ Hina
Kebyo Hina
Kebyo 仮病 ☆ Hina
a man in a black outfit and gas mask
Kebyo 仮病 ☆ Ichiyo
a woman dressed in black is posing for the camera with her hands on her hips
Kebyo 仮病 ☆ Ichiyo
two people dressed in black with blue hair and green eyes, one wearing a top hat
Kebyo 仮病 ☆ Ichiyo & Utsuke
a man in white shirt and tie holding up a stuffed animal with blood on it's face
Kebyo 仮病 ☆ Ichiyo
a person holding up a stuffed animal with blood on it's face and tongue
Kebyo 仮病 ☆ Ichiyo