Aprende a combinar los colores de tu marca

Aprende a combinar los colores de tu marca

Don't Spanish speak but I think I know enough art jargon to understand this cuz. damn it's aesthetically pleasing

Lecciones de largo y corto de la puntada sombreado en needlenthread.com

Long and Short Stitch Shading Lesson 7: More Complex Leaf

Long and short stitch leaf Language Options Hungarian Redwork Project: Final Design Preparations Thread Talk: Silk Gimp vs. Silk Gimp Favorite Transfer Methods for Embroidery Designs Transferring Embroidery Designs: a Cautionary Tale Clove

Cuaderno de bolsillo bordado moleskine piña-mano por PoppyandFern

Pineapple- hand embroidered moleskine pocket notebook *LINED

Linho Rosa - Zoopress More

Linho Rosa - Zoopress More -washi tape spines of individual booklets before sewing.


Embroidery 101: How to Embroider

A clear and concise demonstration of using colour shading to fill in an embroidered image. Not really a tutorial but gives a good idea of how it's done.